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The AltoStratos Group is a Pan-Asian Omni-Channel Adaptive Routes-to-Market solutions partner of leading business and consumer information technology (I.T.) brands and manufacturers.

AltoStratos provides customised routes-to-market technologies, solutions, sales channels, local knowledge and supply chain to simplify and expand market access for global brands.

Headquartered in Sydney, Australia, AltoStratos' regional hubs are located in Thailand, Malaysia, Singapore and Australia.  These strategically located regional offices enable AltoStratos to extend its geographical area of operations from North-Asia, through Indochina, South-East Asia, and into Australasia. 

AltoStratos’ significant Pan-Asian footprint – which combines local knowledge with a corporate presence, enables AltoStratos to offer customers a complete solution to transact and conduct business in these fast-growing markets.

AltoStratos serves as a cross-functional, strategic, Pan-Asian partner offering an ecosystem of services, comprising, Adaptive Supply Chain services, Routes-to-Market services and Omni-Channel solutions.

AltoStratos’ services offering optimizes organizational capacity, adapts to changing markets, improves predictability, and delivers comprehensive value to the customer by assisting them to enlarge their market share in the Business-to-Business (B2B) / Business-to-Consumer (B2C) segments as well as the Online / Offline channels in Asia.

In addition to its e-commerce platforms, the group's footprint across Asia-Pacific serves more than 200 global brands via its network of 4,000+ channel partner retail points.