Pan-Asian Omni-Channel Adaptive Routes-to-Market Group

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AltoStratos' Network of 4000+ Brick & Mortar Retail & RESELLER PointS ACROSS ASIA-PACIFIC

ATO has a B2B network of more than 4000 brick-and-mortar retail/reseller points across Asia-Pacific comprising dealers, chain stores, specialty stores, value-add-resellers (VAR), supermarkets etc.

Although online sales in Asia-Pacific is growing at a rapid pace, currently, most consumers still prefer to purchase from traditional brick-and-mortar stores.

In-store experience has a significant impact on overall sales, online and off.  Even if their final point of purchase is online, the brand connections made in the stores will carry over and impact their online purchase decisions.

The multisensory consumer experiences, better logistics and consumer service offerings and strong, lasting brand relationships are hall marks of physical brick-and-mortar stores.

ATO’s omni-channel strategy in which mobile, online and in-store experiences complement, rather than compete with, one another, is an essential pillar of ATO’s business model.

ATO’s physical brick-and-mortar network allows ATO to:

  • reach consumers in areas where online shopping has not achieved widespread adoption;
  • reach consumers who want to “touch, feel and experience” a product before purchase;
  • sell to consumers who prefer to research online but purchase offline (ROPO);
  • leverage on the physical brick-and-mortar network for its Ship ‘N’ Collect service;
  • extend the offline product offerings of its network partners onto ATO’s e-Commerce marketplace.

By combining innovative online sales channels with its network of more than 4000 brick-and-mortar dealers, resellers, service providers network in Asia-Pacific, AltoStratos provides both businesses and consumers a seamless and consistent shopping experience across various channels and devices. This has a distinct competitive edge over pure players (pure online or pure brick-and-mortar stores / pure B2C or pure B2B).