Pan-Asian Omni-Channel Adaptive Routes-to-Market Group

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B2B & B2C e-Commerce PLATFORMS

AltoStratos sells into both the B2B (online and offline) and B2C (online and offline) channels (omni-channel) across Asia-Pacific and play multiple roles including as distributor, value-added-reseller (VAR), online B2B and B2C e-Commerce marketplace platforms, system integrator, repair and customer service centre, fulfilment centre, and warehousing and logistics partner across Asia-Pacific.

As the direct-sales relationships between manufacturers, resellers, and end-users continues to evolve, AltoStratos delivers innovative and unique B2B and B2C e-Commerce platforms to enable global brands, manufacturers and channel partners to reach the end-user (B2B and B2C) effectively.

AltoStratos develops and host B2B and B2C online e-Commerce platforms for its global I.T. customers and its network of more than 4000 dealers and channel partners to enable its customers and partners to address the greater price transparency, enhanced search functionality, ratings and reviews, and personalised product and service recommendations demanded by changing B2B and B2C buying behaviour.

TechDirect.Asia broadens AltoStratos' offering to its global I.T. customers by enhancing the ability of global I.T. brands to reach their Enterprise and Small and Midsized Business customers in Asia via a one-stop e-Commerce channel that complements brands’ offline sales channel strategies and online presence.

Recognising that needs of business and corporate buyers differ greatly from those of consumers, TechDirect.Asia helps buyers get complete visibility across solutions through a holistic, unified view of the path-to-purchase.

By providing the full product catalogue, specifications, pricing and in-country stock availability for each brand, TechDirect.Asia enables B2B buyers to reduce the amount of time spent online researching for products and solutions.

Additionally, corporate buyers on TechDirect.Asia have access to live online pre-sales technical support, detailed product comparisons, product customisation, online payment, on-demand fulfilment, order tracking, and even post-sale service and support.

TechDeals.Asia is a dedicated online I.T. B2C marketplace, which allows AltoStratos' channel partners – including global brands, manufacturers, dealers, chain stores, specialty stores, etc. – to showcase and sell their products online using AltoStratos’ e-Commerce expertise and market reach.  

At the same time, as a dedicated I.T. and consumer electronics online marketplace offering a wide range of products, TechDeals.Asia provides consumers with all the best online I.T. and consumer electronics deals in one place.


TechSeller.Asia is AltoStratos' supplier management portal that enables AltoStratos' customers including global brands, manufacturers, factories, dealers, chain stores, specialty stores, etc. to manage their products and inventory online via TechSeller.Asia.

By leveraging on AltoStratos' TechSeller.Asia platform, customers are able to:

  • reach more than 4 billion B2B and B2C customers in Asia-Pacific via TechDirect.Asia and TechDeals.Asia
  • increase revenue and profits
  • attract customers to their physical stores through the "Click and Collect" option
  • sell 24/7/365
  • received assured payment and accept foreign currency payments through AltoStratos' payment gateways
  • analyse customer buying behaviour through AltoStratos' data analytics dashboard
  • reduce inventory obsolescence
  • join promotions and flash sales
  • track orders online
  • enjoy multiple fulfillment options provided by AltoStratos
  • manage returns and refunds