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Terms and Conditions of the Offer

Altostratos Holdings Limited ABN 72 606 621 676 (Company) has lodged a replacement prospectus dated 9 January 2019 (Prospectus Date) with the Australian Securities and Investments Commission (ASIC), in relation to an offer of Shares (Replacement Prospectus), a copy of which is available on this website.  For the purposes of the Terms and Conditions of the Offer, the Replacement Prospectus will be referred to as either "the Replacement Prospectus" or "the Prospectus". 

None of ASIC, ASX nor their respective officers take any responsibility for the contents of the Prospectus or the merits of the investment to which the Prospectus relates.

Pursuant to ASIC Corporations (Exposure Period) Instrument 2016/74, the Replacement Prospectus is not subject to an exposure period. 

As set out in Section 7 of the Prospectus, it is expected that the Shares will be quoted on ASX and will commence trading on a normal settlement basis on or around Tuesday, 30 April 2019.

The distribution of the Prospectus (including an electronic copy) outside Australia may be restricted by law. If you come into possession of the Prospectus, you should observe any such restrictions and should seek your own advice on those restrictions. Any failure to comply with such restrictions may contravene applicable laws. The return of a duly completed Application Form or making of the application payment for Shares by BPAY® will be taken by the Company to constitute a representation and a warranty made by the applicant to the Company that there has been no breach of such laws and that all necessary approvals and consents have been obtained.

Neither the Prospectus nor the Shares have been, or will be, registered under the United States Securities Act of 1933, as amended (US Securities Act) or the securities laws of any state or other jurisdiction of the United States. The Shares may not be offered, sold or resold in the United States or to, or for the account or benefit of, a US Person. The Prospectus does not constitute an offer of Shares in the United States or to any US Persons, or to any person acting for the account or benefit of a US Person.

You should ensure that any copy of the Prospectus you view or print is complete. To the extent permitted by law, the Company is not liable for any loss incurred from accessing or downloading the Prospectus from this website, including, but not limited to, data corruption on download.

Investors should only rely on the Prospectus if they are satisfied that they have accessed the entire document. Please ensure you read the Prospectus in full before deciding to invest.

This notice does not form part of the Prospectus. You must read it before you attempt to access the electronic version of the Prospectus on this website and indicate your agreement or otherwise at the bottom of this notice.